Chargeback is a dispute towards a unique transaction raised by means of the cardholder (end-user) and stated to their card issuing bank. A Chargeback is a provision by banks and card networks such as Visa & MasterCard to defend customers from unauthorized or fraudulent payments. Once the cardholder documents a complaint, the financial institution reviews the identical to Sec2pay and an investigative process is initiated. 

·  There could be several reasons for Chargeback towards a specific transaction, however most often times it is related to unsatisfactory customer service/product or poor delivery transport experience. Chargebacks can also be filed if the client suspects deceitful/ fraudulent activities on their card.

·  For Merchants it is better to avoid any sort of Chargebacks in excessive amounts as bank and card networks might also label your commercial enterprise as a deceitful/fraudulent/high-risk business, hampering their reputation and current settlement/agreement rates. A consumer has a timeframe of One hundred and Eighty days to file a Chargeback, which simply means that their remuneration/income is reversible for that time duration. Furthermore, an excessive number of Chargebacks may lead to the Banks preserving different remittances for the enterprise as well as even a ban on online payment transactions may be imposed upon their business.

·  As per our policy, the Merchant’s explicitly concurs that all the payments/repayments made for any Customer Order, in respect of which the Issuing Bank or the Customer raises a dispute, demand or a claim or Chargeback on Sec2pay or the Facility Provider for any purpose/reasons by any means or in a case of refund proposed by the Merchant shall be the monetary responsibility of the Merchant. The refund or Chargeback shall be processed as per the set procedure of the Facility Providers and Sec2pay as denoted:

Evaluation of the Chargeback: Merchants would then be required to check the dispute and give a special clarification concerning the product/service delivery. If in case the product or the service has not been provided then the Merchant would be accountable to inspect the situation and decide if the client is nevertheless inclined to take the delivery of the services or the product delivery. If in case the product and services have been delivered, then the Merchants shall be accountable to share the “Proof of Delivery”, Invoices and all legal proofs of product and services delivered via email and Sec2pay’s service provider panel.

Issue Raised: Once an Issue or a Dispute is raised by the client and Sec2pay is intimated by the same way of the facility provider, we shall notify our Merchant by email, Sec2pay service provider panel/telephone about the issue with applicable details as furnished via the financial institution related to the transaction.

Furnishing Proofs: Once the dispute or issue has been evaluated through the Merchant, it is completely the responsibility and the duty of the Merchant to timely render all the documents related to the transactions in order to contest the Dispute as Facility Providers common supply a window of 5 working days to characterize the Chargeback. Negligence to do so within the exact time limit may result in the Merchant dropping the Chargeback.

·  Immediately after the Chargeback is accepted and the Merchant is obligated to make payment of the Chargeback sum or in the case where a refund is asked for, initiated through the Merchant and the Merchant is obligated to make the payment for Refund amount or the Chargeback as required without any dispute or delay or protest. The Merchant shall be obligated to make payments within forty-eight hours from the time of receiving the request for making the payment of Chargeback and or in the case where the Refund is expected at once at the time of initiating a Refund. The Merchant explicitly concurs that all Refunds and Chargebacks shall be the sole accountability of the Merchant and Sec2pay shall no longer be liable for any delay, dispute, or claims. which may happen in connection with Chargeback or Refund to the Merchants or its Merchants.

·   Sec2pay shall have complete right to withhold the payment in case of any expected Chargebacks or any immoderate Chargebacks raised to oppose the Merchant. The Merchant consents to indemnify Sec2pay in view of any penalties, claims or dispute, costs, and prices bobbing up without delay or in a roundabout way in relating to Chargeback or Refund for all the Transactions initiated and steered via the Merchant’s Site.

·  If Sec2pay and/or the Facility Providers decide that the Merchant and/or its business enterprise registered with Sec2pay are incurring an immoderate amount of Refund or Chargebacks, Sec2pay can also set up controls or prerequisites governing the Transactions contemplated below this Terms and Conditions, together with barring limitation by: (i) establishing new processing prices or extra costs; (ii) By inquiring for a constant reserve in a sum fairly decided by Sec2pay to cover predicted Refunds and Chargebacks; (iii) Delaying or Suspending payouts to the Merchants; (iv) Refusal to process any transactions; (v) Adjusting the chargeback and Refund amount from the Customer charge payable to Merchant; (vi) Imposing penalty if any charged by way of Facility Providers; Charging interest over the Chargeback and Refund amount; (vii) Suspension or Termination of Sec2pay Services.

·  The Merchant explicitly authorizes Sec2pay to debit the Merchant’s balance amount with Sec2pay to extend the aforesaid Chargeback and Refund and any different sum due by Sec2pay by means of the Merchant. If there is the inadequate sum on hand therein; the Merchant within forty-eight (48) hours on receipt of the e-mail from Sec2pay involving the declare undertakes forthwith besides any dispute, delay, protest or demur to pay to Sec2pay, the sum of the Chargeback/dispute/Refund to the extent to which such sum that proves inadequate.

·  Without prejudice to any other of Sec2pay rights and remedies, in the happening that the Merchant does now not make any payment to Sec2pay with the aid of its due time (within forty-eight hours) or on-demand as required, Sec2pay shall be entitled to charge interest on such an overdue upon completion of the stated forty-eight (Forty-Eight) hours (as the case might also be) till the date of payment in full, at the rate of 3-6 % per month, fully as per Sec2pay’s discretion and the Merchant can't now dispute this.

·  It is accepted that any dispute or claim arising out of any non-payment of Refund or inadequate stability shall be the absolute Legal responsibility of the Merchant and in addition, the Merchant explicitly indemnifies Sec2pay and the Facility Providers or any 1/3 party/authority enforced on Sec2pay, Acquiring Banks/Card Schemes/etc, for the non-refund of such transactions.

·  The Merchant explicitly accepts that the refunds initiated by the Merchant shall be routed to the unique technique of charge except in particular agreed between the Merchant and Customer to credit through an alternate mode. The Merchant hereby confirms that Sec2pay has no accountability if Refunds are processed via alternate mode agreed between Merchant and Customer, however, the Merchant is required to furnish a price agreement proof with the Customer to Sec2pay if in case a payment agreement is rendered via one different mode.

·  The Merchant concurs that TDR charged by using Sec2pay shall now not be refunded via Sec2pay irrespective of any Chargeback or Transaction being rejected, disputed, or refunded.

·  The sum of the refund/adjustment ought to encompass any related taxes required to be refunded and can't exceed the amount shown as complete on the authentic income records barring by way of the genuine amount required to reimburse the consumer for postage (if any) that the Customer paid to return Product. The Merchant knows that if Merchant’s refund policy/coverage prohibits returns or is unsatisfactory to the Customers, Sec2pay may also nonetheless acquire a Chargeback related to the Disputed Transaction and that the Merchant shall be responsible to pay to Sec2pay for the same. 


Turn Around Time (TAT) for decisions of failed transactions

·  The RBI’s direction Turn Around Time (TAT) for resolution of failed transactions issued vide DPSS.CO.PD No.629/02.01.014/2019-20 dated September 20, 2019 shall be properly taken care of. Any future guidelines in this regard shall additionally be adhered to through Sec2pay.

·  The Operations group is the proprietor of this document and is accountable for making sure that this policy document is reviewed in line with the evaluation necessities referred to above. 

·   A current version of this report is handy to all the staff members.

·  This policy was once permitted by using the Director and is issued on a version-controlled basis under his/her signature