Current Account

How it Works

  • Leverage Plug & Play APIs

    Create multiple business accounts with our Accounts APIs. Go live within weeks instead of months together.

  • Monitor Account Balances

    Track balances, monitor transactions, and keep a check on the overall health of your business accounts using connected banking.

  • Link Multiple Virtual Accounts

    Connect multiple virtual accounts as a layer on these business accounts for the ease of collections & disbursals. Simplify payment reconciliation, thus!

  • Streamline Collections & Disbursals

    Automate collections & disbursals processes completely as per your business requirements. Save 5X collection costs.

  • Utilize Single Endpoint for Multiple Banks

    Connect with multiple banks in the back end using a single API. With multi-bank architecture your business can maneuver unexpected downtimes, black swan events, or volume spikes.



Simple plug-n-play APIs for seamless financial integrations for your business

  • Automated Collections

    Facilitate simple payment collections for your customers & merchants via multiple channels like UPI. Reduce collection costs by 5x.

  • Statement Reconciliation

    Trace & reconcile easily all your business transactions in real-time, even failed ones, using virtual accounts.

  • Expense Management

    Track all your payments on a dedicated dashboard. Pull account statements for all your linked accounts in one place.

  • Payouts

    Distribute money from your business accounts via IMPS, RTGS, NEFT, or UPI across the country.

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