·  Focus of the customer is the central focus of our company “Sec2payFinancial Aggregator Private Limited”. We strictly observe a holistic strategy in order to provide an exemplary standard, measures that are effortless to recognize and execute but are fast-tracked and result-oriented throughout a range of issues. The measures in place have been devised primarily based on the RBI's guidelines, Industry pleasant practices, and tips from our consultants to be both, Customer and Resolution Oriented.

·  At Sec2paywe come up with an effortless and user-friendly interface that rapidly takes all applicable information and details that allow our Customer Service Team to make sure on the spot and high-quality administration of the complaint filed and as a result, provoke corrective and preventive motion to keep away from any recurrence.

·  To meet our objectives stated, we have outlined this board-approved coverage (framework) for redressal of customer grievances. We warrant that this policy shall be saved up to date at all instances and made accessible in its public area for effortless access.

·  We Shall:

Adhere to all applicable regulatory and statutory directives as issued via the RBI.

Maintain strict confidentiality in managing complaints.

To provide a user-friendly and responsive grievance administration system.

Establishing a clear Complaint dealing with procedure to all complainants.

To Provide clear accountability for grievance handling.

Render unrestricted and fair access to our Grievance Redressal Policy to all users.

To manage discrepancies in the method and continuously enhance them to make certain most purchaser aid and complaint redressal.

·  At Sec2paywe take utmost care and manage and resolve all the concerns and grievances added to our interest by our Merchants and their clients. Our Grievance Redressal policies define and differentiate complaints from queries as

·  Grievances

·  A grievance is usually described as "An expression of dissatisfaction made to an organization, associated to its merchandise and services, or the complaints-handling procedure, where a response or decision is explicitly or implicitly expected”.

·  Query

·  Query is a question, regularly expressing doubt about something or searching for an answer/clarification from an authority. A question is

A form of questioning, in a line of inquiry

In nature of a request for facts or guidance

Where there is an expectation from the consumer – for records/clarification.

·  At Sec2paywe apprehend that there may additionally be some consumer grievances between the guaranteed services and the ones delivered to you due to the fact of a range of unexpected instances such as conversation problems, technical glitches, net disruption, etc. Our valued clients and Merchants are welcome to share their feedback and grievances for a rapid and honest resolution.

  • General Issues/Complaints

·  About Customer:

  • General Queries
  • Issues related to Refund
  • Issues associated with Transaction 

·  For Merchants:

  • Issues associated with Chargeback
  • Queries and issues associated with Transactions 
  • Issues related to refund
  • Activation and deactivation requests related to payment methods.
  • Queries related to settlement and reports
  • Queries and problems associated with Integration/Tech
  • Queries and issues related to onboarding 

·  If incase the clients and merchants are no longer content with the services rendered via us with the aid of an e-mail and calling our patron to assist personnel on ______________

·  In case  if an issue or a grievance is unresolved within the time specified or the decision furnished is no longer satisfactory, then the grievance or the issue may be escalated  in our structured escalation matrix to addressing the concern. Whilst we moderately accept our client care group is friendly and dedicated to resolving the issue or grievance at the very onset, we have put in place this structured escalation matrix to make sure all issues/complaints are addressed in an expert professional and well time mannered.

Registering & Escalating Issues/Complaints

·  In case the client does now not get hold of response inside the designated time at Level A or if the client is upset with the response received, the client may also improve the grievance to the subsequent degree as indicated below:


·  Level

·  Level Name

·  Contact Detail

·  Acknowledgment

·  Resolution TAT

·  Level 1

·  Customer Care


·  24 Hours

·  3 Business Days

·  Level 2

·  Manager Operations


·  48 Hours

·  7 Business Days

·  Level 3

·  Nodal & Legal Officer


·  48 Hours

·  21 Business Days

  • Team Sensitization 

·  It is our sincere endeavor to make sure that our client's grievances and queries are dealt with in a gorgeous and quality manner and for this our client dealing with groups bear normal training to enhance their decision instances and responses whilst making sure clients do now not face the grievances once more constructing self-assurance and believe amongst the clients.

  • Turn Around Time (TAT) for the decision of failed transactions

·  RBI guidelines on Turn Around Time (TAT) for the decision of failed transactions issued vide DPSS.CO.PD No.629/02.01.014/2019-20 dated September 20, 2019, shall be accurately taken care of. Any future directions in this regard shall additionally be adhered to by using Safee Peee.

·  The Operations group is the proprietor of this record and is accountable for making sure that this policy is reviewed in line with the overview necessities mentioned above.

·  The current version of this report is reachable to all participants of staff.

·  This policy was once accredited by the Director and is issued on a version-controlled underneath his/her signature.