What does

Payouts do

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  • Automated Collections

  • Pay your employees

  • Pay your vendors

  • Reimburse employee expense

Send payouts in

3 simple ways


Add money in your IndiConnect Payouts account


Add Receiver's Details - Bank Account Number, IFSC Code, Amount and other details in the CSV file and upload it on the dashboard


Send payouts instantly in just one click!



Do single payout using Quick Transfer

Track transfer status in real time and know exact reason for failure

Generate custom reports and gain insights - transfers, reversed transfers, statements and more

Smart routing and queuing among multiple banks for guaranteed higher uptime and success rate.

Support for all bankside relationships - failed transfers, reversal, and reconciliation.

Automatic re-routing of failed transfers.

High volume transaction processing - 10,000 bulk payouts within minutes.

Immediate notifications on unscheduled bank downtimes.